Carrie Shubert

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To print out Carrie's Media Kit, please click on the individual links below. Each link represents one part of Carrie's Kit and are in pdf format.

Carrie's Bio
Carrie's Merchandise
An Interview with Carrie
Letters to Carrie
SCC Letter of Recommendation
GCC Letter of Recommendation
WiU Letter of Recommendation
Audio Creations Letter of Recommendation

Read "Thank You" letters to Carrie for her services/help. *All letters are in pdf format.

Letter from Mensa
Letter from Parents of Murdered Children
Letter from Terri de Haan
Letter from Sheri Lee

To hear Carrie take radio call-ins, please click on the link below. It may take a bit of time to load this file since it is quite large. Thanks for your patience.

Carrie's Radio Call-Ins


To schedule a personal reading, please call Carrie at 602.697.7678.

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